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Chefend is a beautifully designed social networking app for chefs around the world. Backended on Parse, it allows chefs to share and discover recipes; and follow others.


GetNearer is a social networking app exclusively for residents of Elita Promenade in Bengaluru. Flavoured with sprinkles of Facebook and WhatsApp, it enables neighbours find and connect with each other, get notified of events, share common interests, communicate and help each other out.


e-Lala is an initiative by The Confederation of All India Traders to eliminate the middleman between traders and consumers. The portal is location based and the first of its kind in India. Each trader is registered by city is provided their own shop on the app and website. A large scale project, it has attracted some press coverage:

DRN Merchant

Deals Right Now is a project in and around Delhi. This is the app for merchants that enables them to create deals/discounts.

DRN Deals Right Now

Deals Right Now is a project in and around Delhi. This is the app for consumers that enables discovering nearby merchants giving out deals.


airZoon is a little app for discovering Wi-fi hotspots on the island of Martinique. My involvement was minimal, helping out and bug fixes.


QikView is an app for creating highlights by taking scenes from different videos. My involvement was in the early phase, mostly designing the screens.

Golf By Jordan

A little app with info about golf courses in the United States. Used Google Maps to represent courses and downloaded available images from Google’s Place Photos API.


GiftyOne was an app that leveraged Facebook’s SDK to keep track of friends’ likes, interests and birthdays so that a Groupon deal could be gifted to them.

Calm Down Now™

A beautifully designed app that helps people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Conceived by psychotherapist June Tomaso-Wood, it plays relaxing clips recorded by her. There are also a variety of sounds featured that can be played in any combination. In 2014, it featured as the #1 paid ‘Medical’ app on the iTunes Store.


A social app that attempted to provide secure social networking. It had a patent pending platform that ensured only the sender and receiver can view the message being sent.

Make My Collage

A little app to create collages using images from the gallery or camera. It allowed the user to place images as desired on a canvas and save or share them.


An app designed for the iPad to maintain a database for a firm or institute. Gave the ability to view, modify and delete records, send bulk email and save record as a PDF.

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